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Economic Development

Categories: Programs

Categories: Programs

Financial Fortitude is one of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.'s newest initiatives under the Economic Development Thrust and was established to promote financial literacy by providing financial education through workshops and seminars to chapter members and county residents. Financial Fortitude was established as a result of increasing unemployment, Social Security debts, and the widening gap between wealth and poverty.

Financial Fortitude helps participants to set and define goals, to develop a financial plan to achieve goals, and to put their plan into action. Workshops are focused on topics such as debt management and reduction, retirement, financing for college, investing, insurance, estate and home ownership, saving, and entrepreneurship.

The NCTA Economic Development Committee has started a monthly FINANCIAL FITNESS challenge along with a SHOP SMALL event, which is a movement dedicated to supporting local black businesses in the DFW area.

Be sure to check this page regularly to read the latest tips that will help you stay and become FINANCIALLY FIT.

Veronica Boxley
Economic Development Committee Chair
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